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Because AmigaOS just isn't obscure enough today!

Image Amiga UNIX ("Amix") is Commodore's port of AT&T System V Release 4 to the Amiga from 1990. The two "official" machines that could run Amiga UNIX are the Amiga 2500UX and the 3000UX, however it can run on any Amiga that meets its requirements.

Like many early UNIX variants, Amiga Unix never became wildly popular, but it's an interesting sidestep in Amiga's history. This site is dedicated on preserving AMIX's history and sharing information and instructions on what Amix is, how to install it (either on real hardware or in emulation) and what can you do with it.

Since version 2.7.0 (5.12.2013) the awesome Amiga emulator, WinUAE can be used to install and run Amix without hacks! You can read more about it in here (thread in English Amiga Board forums) and here: AMIX - Fun with virtual virtualization. See below for installation guide.

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