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Note: this is a partial re-write of the original WinUAE installation page in this Wiki. That page was lost due to a database error. All suggestions for improvements on this page, especially on WinUAE settings for best performance, are more than welcome!

This article gives basic information on installing Amiga UNIX in WinUAE emulator. Users of Mac OS X and Linux can also run WinUAE with WINE.


  • WinUAE emulator, version 2.7.0 or newer (
  • ADF disk images of the AMIX Boot and Root floppies and a ZIP-archive of the original Amix 2.1 installation tape (available at the moment at least in the EAB File Server, in the /~Uploads/twilen/ folder)

WinUAE settings:

Configure WinUAE to use the following options. Options not listed explicitly should be left at their defaults.
  • CPU and FPU: 68030, MMU, 68882, FPU More Compatible, CPU Emulation Speed: Fastest Possible (or "Approximate A500/A1200")
  • Chipset: Full ECS, Chipset Extra: A3000, Wait for Blitter, Collision Level: Sprintes and Sprites vs Playfield
  • ROM: "KS ROM v2.04 (A3000) rev 37.175 (512k)" or another appropriate A3000/A3000T ("ROM v3.1 (A3000) rev 40.68 (512k)" works, too)
  • RAM: Chip: 2 MB, Motherboard Fast: 16 MB (see note below)
AMIX kernel is hard-coded to recognize only 4-16 megs of Fast RAM. RAM cards will not work since the kernel seems to map the memory address of the SCSI drive wrong with any more than 16 MB RAM. Apparently you can add 32-bit memory to your config: AMIX will ignore it. This might be useful if you go to install a dual-booting system (install AMIX, leave space for AmigaDOS partition and then later install Workbench as usual). See: Amix in WinUAE on English Amiga Board

CD & Hard Drives:
  • Add SCSI Tape Drive -> Select Archive or Plain file -> browse path to tape image ZIP, attach as HD Controller: SCSI4 (see note below)
  • Add Hardfile -> click 'New hard disk image file' -> 450-900 MB (or less, see note below)-> click 'Create'. Attach as SCSI6 (see note below), Device name: DH0, Read/Write enabled, Enable RDB mode. This will be your AMIX operating system install hard disk.
The minimum installation of AMIX 2.1 takes less than 70 MB of space, installing everything on the tape takes about 300 MB. Hard disks up to 2 GB should work, but keep the partition size under 1023 MB. The SCSI addresses are critical, they are hard-coded into the installation and the script won't look anywhere else than SCSI4 for the install tape. If the installation script complains that it's not seeing any hard disks, check the SCSI address'.

Go to the configuration page and select 'Save as" to save the settings.

You are almost ready to go, just go to Floppy drives and attach amix_2.1_boot.adf as DF0.

Press Start!

After a few moments, the Root floppy will be prompted, attach that into DF0 and press RETURN. Soon you should be greeted with the "Amiga UNIX Install script". From there on, follow instructions in the tape install -wiki page, beginning from step 3.

Other settings you might want to try:

CPU: CPU Emulation Speed: "Approximate A500/A1200 or cycle-exact". Fastest possible will keep your CPU at 100% load, so this option might be a better choise.
Chipset / External Display Hardware: A2024.
Expansions: A2065: an Ethernet card supported by AMIX that can be used to connect AMIX to a real network under WinUAE. Windows users will also need to install WinPCAP if they wish to connect AMIX to a real network (note: WinPCAP does not and cannot work under WINE).

Upgrading to 2.1p2a (2.1C)

Combined Patch Disks 1-2a for AmigaUNIX Version 2.1

Patches are included for the ethernet driver, for the kernel boot code, and for the console screen and console message facilities of the UNIX kernel. If the Kernel Configuration and C Development Packages are currently installed, the Patch Disk will build and install and updated kernel. The kernel version number will change from 2.1 to 2.1c.

The affected packages in the upgrade are: core, Cdev, lp, man, public, net, sysadm, terminfo, uucp, Xcore, conf, emacs, emacsrc, gnusrc, pubsrc and Xsource. The upgrade will take 7.0 MB of disk space (including backups taken during the upgrade).

Download and decompress the following disk image: amix_patch_2.1.adf.gz

Boot the system and login as root. Attach the decompressed ADF disk image as DF0 in WinUAE, then run the following:

sh /dev/dsk/fd0

Follow the on-screen prompts.

For a list of changes in the 2.1C patch, see here: Patch_disk_2_1C_changes.png.
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