This will be a mess at first, it's a scribble pad for me at the moment as I work.

bash 3.0 on AMIX
Compiles correctly after I fixed one source code file. AMIX uses deprecated trap designation in /etc/profile, so for CTRL-C to work you need to add a section like this to your /etc/profile:

if [ "$BASH" ]
trap - 2 3

AMIX 2.1
  • Don't use tar. Use gtar. tar segfaults until you patch to level 2a (2.1c).
  • When configuring software for compilation you will have better luck specifying host/build/target as m68k-cbm-sysv4 than letting configure guess on its own (typically m68k-unknown-sysv4)
  • Edit /etc/inet/rc.inet to add default router, not /etc/defaultrouter (ignored by system)
  • Export CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc as some applications keep trying to use gcc-1.4.2 in /usr/public/bin during compilation
  • Mounting NFS shares from servers without NFS shares will panic the system. Oops! Don't Do That (tm). Fixed in 2a patchlevel.
  • /usr/include/sys/socket.h, and types.h are too buggy to be used in many situations. Replace with files from 2a patchlevel.
  • Use sysadm to enable XDM, old method from 2.01/2.03 doesn't work anymore.
  • Don't install 2a patchdisk, HD hack install method leaves kernel uncompilable with patches. Copy the include files socket.h and types.h only. Patches break w and netstat (at least) without kernel upgrade.
  • Adding swap: dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/swap bs=1024k count=50 && swap -a /tmp/swap 0 102400
  • Compilation will fail on large binaries even with 100MB or more of swap. An error like this will result: ld: cc1: libelf error: Memory error: output file space elf_update:. This is due to artificial restrictions imposed by ulimit. Set everything possible to "unlimited", ie: ulimit -H unlimited, etc. Certain of these users cannot set, if you get this error you must become root and unset all limits. Type ulimit -? to see what you can fiddle with.
  • collect2.c in gcc-2.95.3 has a bug for AMIX, comment out the SYS_SIGLIST defs. Hope this is right, guessing here. (it compiled after)
  • Damn, compiling gcc-2.95.3 is proving to be really educational in a "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD JUST COMPILE" kind of way. This link will be helpful diagnosing late stage1 compile problems: ... appears is buggy, wonderful.
  • It may be helpful to symlink /usr/X to /usr/X11 since /usr/X11 appears often on newer systems.
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