Benchmarking an old OS...who cares?

This collection of pages is intended to provide some insight as to how Amiga UNIX performs relative to other OSs. Information I would not mind seeing here includes:

  • Performance of a different OS on the same hardware
  • Performance of newer/better hardware vs "AMIX level" hardware
  • Methodologies to increase Amiga UNIX performance

So, yes, fairly dull. The way I would like to see this laid out is a seperate page for each set of tests. This way, people can easily open results up in a new window (or tabs) for comparison. If you would like to submit your own results, first take a look at the list of tests you should run. You do not have to run all of these, but you should run as many as you can. Next, take a look at my test results and try to get your report to look similar.

The tests

The tests are tailored for UNIX systems, but if you can get them to run in AmigaOS (and most of them are sufficiently basic that this should not be an issue) more power to you.

Click here to see the list of tests

The results

Results are split into two categories: AMIX-capable hardware, which by its nature should keep the machines to roughly the same spec; and other hardware, which must be classic Amiga hardware but does not need to be able to run AMIX.

AMIX-capable hardware
Amiga UNIX 2.1c on A3000D, run by failure

other hardware

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