Fixing HD Hack

This will be an effort to fix the HD hack/dd install method of installation so that the patch disk can be used. The previous effort (now deleted) was an experimental cpio image from a newly tape-installed system. This didn't work for whatever reason.

There are a couple of likely suspects as to why this doesn't work. First and foremost is that the packaging system is completely broken after a non-tape installation. The patch disk checks for the status of a couple of packages using the pkginfo -q $PACKAGENAME command. If the package is deemed installed, it returns 0. If not, it returns non-zero (1). There's two solutions to this problem.

1) truss output during pkginfo execution shows the only file access after pkginfo is instantiated as /var/sadm/pkg/$PACKAGENAME/pkginfo. This is a short text file containing attributes of the package. Example:

motoko:/srv/build/bash-4.0# cat /var/sadm/pkg/conf/pkginfo 
NAME=Kernel configuration package

Placing this directory structure onto the system should make pkginfo return 0.

2) The checks for status could be removed. With a non-tape install, everything is installed anyway. All the checks take place in the /var/patch/apply script and can easily be commented out.

The reason the patch is considered to "fail" is that, although it will install everything else without the kernel patch, some utilities break without the patch. It has been so long since I have had a non-tape system to check, I don't remember all the specifics.

One possible additional issue is that the kernel config package hasn't been initialized correctly in the non-tape install method. I think this is unlikely, as the installer successfully installs the new kernel...but not impossible. Someone would have to try one of the above fixes. I would do it myself but I only have one A3000 and it's full (Amiga UNIX + OS3.9).
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