Dual boot installation

The Amix installer by default will use the whole hard disk for Amix. However during the installation you are asked the following question: 'How many megabytes do you want to set aside for AmigaDOS?' where you can change that. If you enter a number here, the installation will leave that many megabytes space for an AmigaDOS partition at the end of the disk.

After AMIX has finished installing, you can boot the system with a Workbench install disk (2.04 or newer!) and install it as usual. The HDtoolbox will see the UNIX File System partitions and you can partition the remaining free space as you like. Just don't touch the AMIX partitions! It might also be better not to try installing any fancy file systems.

Above: HDtoolbox showing disk where the first big partition is Amix root, followed by 2 Meg Boot partition, followed by the empty space that can be used for Workbench installation.

Boot priority

All bootable partitions have a boot priority and during boot the drive/partition with highest boot priority will be booted. As default the internal floppy (DF0) will have highest priority. Thrue the Amiga Early Startup menu (restart and hold both mouse buttons down) the user can also boot from other drives and partitions.

Above: installation where Workbench has been installed on DH0 partition. As can be seen from the priorities, internal floppy is currently the first, followed by the Workbench partition. Amix can be booted by manually selecting UNIX_Boot and pressing Boot here in the Early Startup Menu.

Above: With HDtoolbox's 'Advanced options' you can set the boot priorities of partitions. Remember to press RETURN after editing any field and then save the chages to disk.
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