Image Original manuals for the 2.0 release

Before you get too confused, best you know about where to get some helpful information. First and foremost, make sure you have copies of these:
  • Learning Amiga UNIX
  • Using Amiga UNIX
These and other documentation can be downloaded from the file galleries. You don't necessarily have to read both of them all the way through, but you will find them to be handy references.

If you are interested in porting software to Amiga UNIX I have found the following to be very helpful (coupled with google searches on compiler errors, etc):
UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4 by David Curry

Without the above I would have had a hard time compiling many applications for AMIX. Very, very handy.

Also, of course, don't forget your man pages. man COMMAND will usually give you a good deal of information on how to use the given command.
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