What is this?

This site is basically an effort to archive as much material about Amiga UNIX as possible in order to keep it from vanishing forever.

Mainly, it tries to cater to people who wish to run AMIX for whatever reason on their real hardware. By documenting experiences with it, it is hoped that subsequent Amix junkies will find the way more smooth than it might have been without any guidance at all. For even a relatively experienced modern UNIX or GNU/Linux user (or administrator!), System V UNIX is sufficiently different to present difficulty in installation and administration. Not so much in moving around between directories, and using common utilities that persist to this day - although many of those are hoary and somewhat forgetful in their retirement - but of doing more in depth tasks and understanding the differences.

Since late 2013, the WinUAE emulator also allows running Amix. This site will hopefully also help those wishing to setup their emulated Amix dream machine.
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